Aug 28, 2019

In a landmark event for the company, MaliaTec recently struck a deal with one of the region's premiere Natural Spring Water companies to boost its productivity and streamline its business processes. "Our challenge was to transform Rim from a partially-automated company into a full-fledged one and we needed to do it in a record time of two months", explained Maya Zahlan, Account Manager, MaliaTec. "By providing the right software, we managed to create fault-free invoicing processes and generate several reports while allowing supervisors to monitor team performances, among other benefits. All this helps Rim drive better and more efficient decision-making ", she added.

While it was partially-automated, Rim employees still administered some tasks using paper and pen. MaliaTec stepped in to revamp and upgrade the full sales team with 150 licenses for the sales force, merchandisers, pre-sales, supervisors and dispatching team. 


"Following our two-month project with MaliaTec, we immediately felt that we had made a huge leap into team performance analysis. We are now able to set goals by detail and/or period and map out our compliance to meet a very decent customer service level," said Hisham Zougheib, Business Development Coordinator, Rim. "The MaliaTec team demonstrated a high-level of professionalism by providing a very friendly, helpful, and comprehensive service Great team, great solution!" he concluded.


Rim Natural Spring Mineral Water S.A.L is a Lebanese private joint stock company founded in 1995. Its main activity is the bottling and distribution of Natural Spring Mineral Water under license from the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health issued in 1978.