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March 2020
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As the world looks to the private sector for help in combating the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 and with a significant shortage of consumer-related personal care sanitization, Cosmaline quickly and efficiently stepped in with the launch of its Anti-Microbial Sanitizer line of products.

Fortified with 70% ethanol and in line with The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) guidelines – Cosmaline Hand Sanitizer Gel and Sanitizing Spray – are formulated to kill 99.9% of germs including bacteria, flu, viruses and fungi. “Covid-19 belongs to the Coronavirus family and is considered to be an enveloped virus. Ethanol is known to effectively disrupt its supramolecular interactions and dissolve the lipid membrane – killing it on contact,” explains Monie Issa, R&D Manager, Cosmaline.

Tough on germs but soft on hands, both gel and spray contain Glycerine, an essential humectant that keeps skin moisturized and reduces over-drying. “We had been looking to develop a sanitizer line as a natural progression within our hand care category,” said May Wehbe, Product Developer, Cosmaline. “The outbreak of the pandemic prioritized the project as saving lives through hand and surfaces care became our company mission. With raised awareness in the importance of personal and hand hygiene, we will be expanding this line of products in the very near future,” she added.

Price-competitive, Cosmaline Hand Sanitizer is available in 550ml and Sanitizing Spray which doubles as a surface disinfectant is available in 125ml. Order yours on

For more information on Cosmaline products, click here.

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