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Our Way

The word ‘Malia’ has several meanings rooted in ancient civilizations. In Indian mythology, the letter “M” symbolizes the glorious and continuous rise of the fiery Phoenix. In Latin, it means to ascend, strive and be the first. In old German, it was used in relation to hard work and industriousness. Today, Malia Group draws its strength and inspiration from these timeless wisdoms.

The mission to excel Malia Group’s purpose is to ensure that through our performance, we continuously excel client expectations and continue to build on our exemplary reputation as a leader in the sectors and territories in which we are operational. Our aim is to consistently exceed principal, partner and customer satisfaction through the creation, production and timely delivery of goods and services.

Values with pride Malia Group is driven by a belief in the innovative products and services. Our expansion and evolution as a Group is a witness to a strong adherence to our core values. Malia Group member companies and our team members embody and carry out the very beliefs that define our success.
Modernity | Ambition | Leadership | Integrity | Ardor
Our eternal principles Malia Group’s strong foundations are built on the ideals encapsulated in our values. We are a group of companies that functions in a state of constant progress with a keen eye on the future. We understand that prosperity is earned by hard work, openness and commitment. As such, we value the individuality of each team member and their contribution to the overall success of our conglomerate. Furthermore, we prize innovation in all its expressions.
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