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Our Guiding Principles

Malia Group is committed to total transparency, managerial empowerment, career development and integrity of conduct. We encourage social and cultural diversity in our team members and maintain a zero-tolerance policy for unprincipled behavior in the workplace. Innovative data-sharing systems – deployed throughout the organization – guarantee that all our employees are kept fully informed and up-to-date on all important control procedures, implemented policies and other relevant administrative issues.

Corporate culture & accountability Malia Group’s balanced policy of across-the-board equality and interdepartmental cooperation between the workforce, clients, suppliers, and partners creates a winning environment for all.

Secure investment By continuously striving to invest in diverse portfolios, our member companies are committed to guaranteeing only the most profitable results.

Diversification Malia Group’s strength resides in its extensive portfolio of diverse business interests, multi-sector and multi-territorial approach model. We are recognized for our in-depth knowledge of the ventures we undertake and our capacity and experience to return optimal profits from a wide spectrum of sectors.

Building new opportunities Malia Group actively works to continuously expand the boundaries of our business operations, financial interests and territorial coverage for our multifaceted services and products.

Environmentally conscious Our policies are formulated to guarantee that all efforts are undertaken to implement sound practices that ensure respect for the environment, including the adoption of international standards and best practices.

Employee experience orientated Talent powers our success. We pride ourselves on recognizing and encouraging talent, harboring healthy competitiveness and working with team members to promote ethical corporate thinking and behavior.

Tools of transparency Malia Group’s commitment to transparency has ensured that the company is regarded as a business entity with sound financial practices. Our policies as they relate to transparency make us stand out and lead to greater external confidence in our operational activities. With a relationship based on open channels of communication, consultants play an essential role in Malia Group’s ongoing business success. Through the integration of an innovative and cutting-edge ERP program, we have consolidated our commitment to total transparency in our business operations. The adoption of technological systems has allowed the Group to experience steadfast growth and has created a more streamlined communication process across departments and related activities.
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