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Letter From The Chairman


At its very core, Malia Group’s success stems from a strong belief in our people, systems, and decision-making. These pillars provide us with the foundation we need to execute projects, expand into new territories and sectors, and embrace – not fear – what lies ahead.

We live and work in challenging times. While many businesses are looking to narrow their scope, we continuously aim to expand ours. In recent years, and with the unequivocal support of our stakeholders, we have built first-of-their-kind hospitality projects in Iraq; we have set up operations in the United Arab Emirates and have exported our inhouse produced personal care and pharmaceutical brands to numerous countries.

At Malia group, we believe that growing and expanding hand in hand with our stakeholders is key to sustaining the business on the long run. For that, we adopted environmental, social and governance measures strengthening our bond and enabling us to thrive in the present, as well as secure our position in the future. 
We have put in place several initiatives to reduce our environmental impact and fight climate change. On the other hand, we have become an employer of choice in the countries in which we operate, and we interact responsibly with all communities, thus contributing to their economic wellbeing.

With a Board of Directors comprising independent and forward-minded Directors, Malia Group has transitioned into an effective decision-making process all the while empowering employees, boosting productivity, rewarding performance, facilitating growth and ensuring sustainability even in volatile situations.

The group came a long way over the past eighty years, turning ideas into realities, grabbing worthy opportunities, taking calculated risks and setting trends; courageous actions that have beautifully paid off, and benefitted every stakeholder along the way. 

We have always prided ourselves with a family of employees that believe in the Malian dream, to keep on rising, no matter the challenge or circumstance. In effect, our Group culture nurtures and encourages exchange of ideas, which in turn feeds and incubates entrepreneurial and innovative minds. 
We also strive to stand out as a company by adding a measurable value to every partnership or project we take on: The passion, precision and perceptiveness we pour onto them is palpable and well reflected. 

We all stand equal at the starting line of a marathon, but it takes stamina, pace, and understanding of your own strengths to make it to the finish line; and Malians are never short on motivation throughout every race. They keep on aiming high, working hard and exceeding expectations.

Jacques Jean Sarraf
Malia Group


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