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Ch. Sarraf & Co.

Ch. Sarraf & Co.
Ch. Sarraf & Co. has been marketing and selling some of the world’s best-loved brands for over 60 years.

Ch. Sarraf & Co. is a distribution company that handles the marketing and sales of FMCG, cosmetics, fragrances, fashion and tobacco brands. The company is structured into separate and self-sufficient business units implementing proficient and integrated marketing and sales strategies to secure the brands’ sustainable growth. We optimize the brands’ availability and visibility by ensuring proper weighted and numeric distribution and by applying sales’ fundamentals in retail outlets, pharmacies, hair salons, perfumeries and department stores throughout Lebanon. A flagship boutique and dedicated corners pertaining to represented fashion brands are located in Downtown Beirut & ABC Mall

Our advanced automated marketing & sales processes, our image building & customer service mindset, and our alignment to our Principals’ business fundamentals ensure the brands’ equity enhancement and business growth.


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